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Author Deborah McCarragher had a desire to publish her first book, MISSION POSSIBLE for years, but it literally “sat on a spiritual shelf” until God released her to put it in print.  It was revised and re-released in 2009 to include a Bible study portion at the end of each chapter. 
She began her journey of creative writing soon after coming to know Jesus as her personal Savior in 1989.  Deborah enjoys using her spiritual gifts of encouragement and teaching. 

She served in a local intercessory prayer ministry, and has been active in her home church and various women’s bible studies for many years.  Her primary goal is to share her personal testimony with others while bringing hope and practical help through her book.
Her candid approach makes this book an easy read, as it compels the reader to join her in her journey towards a spiritually equal marriage.  Deborah’s mission is to encourage women through scripture to believe in God’s Word to transform their husbands by challenging women to minister to their spouses in a way that glorifies God. 


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